Announcement: The patreon goal has been reached!

First, thanks to all my patrons for your support! I didn’t want to say anything about this before, but this goal was the point where my rent, bills and food are all covered and I’m able to pay all my expenses without drawing from my savings. That is a really big deal and I can’t thank you enough. I now officially make a living drawing D&D maps. I wish I could go back in time and tell 15-year-old me about this. He would freak out.

Now, here’s the big news: A series of votes will be held to decide on the next ten maps I draw*. Patrons of all tiers will be able to participate. There will be five votes held with 8-10 map ideas in each. The five votes will be grouped by size, so Castaway Island doesn’t have to compete with The Epic Doomfortress of Blackreach. The top two maps in each vote will be drawn. If there aren’t two conclusive winners, there will be a second round of voting with the least-popular choices omitted.

I’ll prepare a list soon of the map ideas to be voted on and some information about them, so you can decide how you’ll vote in advance. The maps chosen will probably account for the next few months of content here, so be sure to check that out. Well, I’m going to get started. Thanks again, everybody. You are amazing.

*Brazenthrone and the Cartographic Congress maps will continue as usual.

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