The Tarrasque – A Collaboration























So, a few months ago, I was asked to draw part of a map of that a bunch of other artists would be working on. The map was of the innards of a tarrasque and the idea was that each person would draw a different organ.

I was asked to do something different, though: draw a building piercing through the side of the creature. Why? Because *Ralph Wiggum voice* I’m special. I decided to go with a minaret, the pointiest buildings in all of architecture.

Anyway, there’s an adventure to go with it and a whole bunch of other stuff, which you can download here. It’s all free for everybody. All right, I’m gonna get back to work on Mont-Saint-Michel. I’ve got a few more pages to show you, which I’ll post either tonight or tomorrow.


Mouth – Cze and Peku –
Saliva Gland – Neutral Party –
Crop – Eightfold Paper –
L. Lung – Crosshead –
Heart – Maphammer –
R. Lung – Tom Cartos –
Spleen – Dice Grimorium –
Stomach – Domille’s Wondrous Works –
Pancreas – Roll For Initiative –
Liver – Caeora –
Gall Bladder – Tehox Maps –
Duoddenum 1 – Cze and Peku –
Duoddenum 2 – Cze and Peku –
Duoddenum 3 – Dungeon Mapster –
Jejunum – Fantasy Atlas –
Ileum – John Stevenson –
Appendix – Cze and Peku –
Ascending Colon – Cze and Peku –
Ascending Colon 2 – DrMapzo –
Transverse Colon – Meditating Munky –
L. Kidney – Forgotten Adventures –
R. Kidney – 2-Minute Tabletop –
Descending Colon – Cze and Peku –
Sigmoid Colon – J.Dungeonmaster –
Bladder – Venatus Maps –
Rectum – Afternoon Maps –
The Minaret – Me
Magic Items:
Belly of the Beast – Music d20 –
Tarrasque Interior – Tabletop Audio –

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