Mont-Saint-Michel – Work in Progress 2


I hope you all had good holidays! The Mont has grown a good bit lately. There’s more of the town and the walls finished to the east of the gates, along with the Tour de la Liberté (“Tower of Freedom”).

And below, there’s the barracks with its own barbican and the Tour des Fanils (This sort of means “Stephanie’s Tower.” I think. It’s complicated). In the northwest corner is the Tour Gabriel (“Gabriel’s Tower”), a huge artillery tower with a windmill and a lookout tower built on top of it. Yeah, I’m thinking it too. I heard you like towers.











One other thing I wanted to mention: the arrows at the top or bottom of staircases indicate which direction is up. Maybe that’s obvious, but I just wanted to make sure.

Okay, that’s it for now. I’m gonna draw more of the town next. I’ll be back to show you when I’ve got a few more pages done.

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