The Post that was Promised

Okay, I’m awake, I’ve had coffee, I can write now. So, next up is the third level of Mont-St-Michel, which I think is quite a bit more interesting than the second because we finally get to the top of the curtain wall, which a lot of the adjacent buildings have exits to.

Other notable things include the town hall, which is actually right over the main gatehouse. I can only assume it was built there so that, in the event of an artillery barrage, the politicians are the first to die. And there’s a windmill on top of the island’s leftmost tower. It’s the small tower in the center here. The windmill blades are gone now, but I’ll draw them back in on the map.

One other thing I wanted to address was how this map would work with VTTs. An entire level of the island is going to be way too big and probably not very practical (at regular size, anyway). A patron suggested that I divide it up into blocks of buildings and include every level of that block in one map. This keeps the image sizes reasonable and allows players to go between floors without having to load a new map.

I’ll make full maps of each level for VTT at various sizes as well, for use as overview maps or for people who don’t mind lowering their grid size to 35px. I think VTT DMs are going to have a lot of different preferences about the size and scope of the maps they want for Mont-St-Michel, so I’m going to make sure there are as many options as possible as far as what you want in the map and how big or small you want it to be.

Okay, I’m going to get started on the third level. I’m hoping to get all of it and the roof level done by the end of the month. I’d better stop typing and start drawing then.

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