Mont-Saint-Michel – Work in Progress 12 – The 3rd level, now with rocks, trees and other nature-type stuff


So, this is the whole island. In the back, there’s the Chapel of St. Aubert on the left, then toward the center is a fountain. It’s kind of a strange fountain. I guess you get the water out of the hole? I don’t know.

The leftmost tower has the windmill I mentioned before. I can’t show you a photo because it’s not there anymore, but some old French books assure me it used to be there. Well, Google Translate assures me that some old French books say it was, anyway.

The last and uppermost level (the roofs) are all drawn and I should be able to assemble them tomorrow. And then I spend the next week coloring away like a preschooler. I’ll be back with the roofs. Until then!

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