Old Madeleine’s Country Inn and Fighting Pit

This is the first of the maps chosen by patrons in the Great Vote. It’s been in my idea book since just after I started the website and I’m glad to see Old Madeleine’s turn finally come around. If you’re looking to make a pit stop for a little booze and violence in your campaign, maybe consider having your players drop by. As Old Madeleine herself always says, “There’s nothing better than sitting by a warm fire, eating a nice, home-cooked meal and watching two people fight to the death.”

So, next up is Brazenthrone’s underdark trading outpost. After that is last month’s Cartographic Congress winner, the harbor fortress of Torchguard. Then it’s back to Brazenthrone with… I haven’t decided yet. Probably either the Noble, Common or Anvil Quarter.

There’s an annotated version of this map and DM notes available to patrons.

The Border Bridge

My idea here was that this bridge is the border crossing between two (probably not super-friendly) countries, but it could also be used as a toll bridge or a fortress entrance. Of course, tell whatever story with it you like, but, personally, I think you should arrange a scenario where your players get to throw people over the side. Your barbarian will love you for it.

Also, the tower on the right really looks like something from Super Mario Bros. All I can think of when I look at the side view is, “Your princess is in another castle,” haha.

There’s an annotated version and DM notes and all the usual stuff on the patreon.

Brazenthrone – The Hall of the Long Banner

Here’s the first of Brazenthrone‘s several residential districts. I know these residential districts aren’t really the sexiest parts of the city, but I’m going to try and keep them interesting.

Next up is last month’s Cartographic Congress winner, then back to Brazenthrone for the High King’s Palace, which I intend to run absolutely buckwild with.

Here’s an alternate version of this map with the market stalls removed. I made it for people who intend to use Brazenthrone as an abandoned ruin. DM notes for this map are available to supporters.

The Ranger Outpost

Here’s an alternative to the typical ranger’s cabin. The rangers living here can look out over the forest like Medieval Hippie Batman and protect the land from orcs, monsters and illegal dumping.

Next up are the fourth and fifth levels of Brazenthrone. It’ll be quicker to do them both at the same time, since only three buildings have a fourth level and the fifth is just roofs. There will be a sixth level as well– the Promontories– but that’ll be more complicated, so I won’t include it this week.

There are DM notes and an annotated version of this map available to supporters on the patreon.

Brazenthrone – The Inner Gates

This is the fallback defensive position and meat grinder that rewards the success of any army that manages to take the city’s outer gates. With no walls to climb and no space for artillery to break through, this is an assault that has to be done the old fashioned way: by sending lots and lots of people to die. Good times.

This is the last Brazenthrone map before the Great Hall, which is the central chamber of the city and will be around the size of Finbarr’s Marsh. Before that is a map called The Buried Tower.

An annotated version of this map and DM notes are available to patrons.

The Century Pelican (with 4 engine variants)

She’s the finest airship in all of your party’s price range. “But wait!” you say. “That’s a mechanical engine. In my world, airships are powered by…”

By the way, I’ll be out of town for a few days for Christmas, so the next post will probably be around a week from now. Have a good holiday!

An annotated version of this map and DM notes are available to patrons.

Small Town Jail – A Place For Naughty PCs


Do you have one of those people in your group who plays D&D the way you’d play GTA5?  You know, the type of player who thinks the major themes of your campaign are public intoxication, dead hookers and arson?  Well, I don’t have a cure for that problem, but this might be a good band-aid.  Who knows?  Maybe it’ll make them a better person.  You can hope, anyway.

Here’s the black and white version.

ALSO, I just received a module written for Finbarr’s Marsh from u/anthson on Reddit.  It’s called The Haunting of Finbarr’s Marsh and it’ll be posted on this page, along with any others anyone wants to share.  Thanks, anthson!

Fugitives’ Isle


Here’s something I came up with that I thought could be useful for creating an encounter at sea.  A small island, dominated by a big, ruined… something, newly inhabited by a small group of people.

I’ve got a black-and-white version for you as well:

This map has an annotated version with DM notes for patrons.

The Goblin Winery


This is a map of an abandoned winery that is currently home to a group of goblins. I sent a group of first-time players here in order to give them a taste of the traditional, classic D&D experience. You know, meet at the tavern, go on a nice, easy goblin-stomp, run into a few traps along the way.

After that, they were headed down the tunnel in the cellar to the underdark for a somewhat less-traditional experience traveling on a ship in the Glimmersea with some orog pirates. Their orcish is getting pretty good.

This map has an annotated version with DM notes for patrons.