Giant Ship Update: The Last Four Decks are Drawn

These are the pencils for the bottom three decks and the topside. All that’s left to do now is ink these and then get them scanned and colored. That’s actually quite a bit of work, but this absolute beast of a map is now well past the halfway point and I think it’s looking pretty good so far.

Something a lot of you might be wondering is what the rectangles on the topside are. Those are gardens, but I’m going to draw the plants in on my tablet since it’ll make a thinner line than I can with a pen. Also, there’s a fifth boat that’ll be hanging off the stern, but there was no room to draw it in, so I’ll probably draw that on the tablet too.

Anyway, just wanted to keep you all updated. Hope you like how it’s coming!

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  1. that’s a huuuge ship !! looks amazing !! i can’t wait to see it in color !! your work is breathtaking, you are a big artist !!

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