Big Ship Update: Everything is drawn and inked. Time to color this monster.

After almost a month of planning, drawing and inking, this thing is ready for color. I’d guess that’ll be around two weeks of work, but we’ll see.

People seem pretty excited about this map and I’ve already had people tell me they’re planning campaigns around it, which is really cool to hear. I’ve also had people say they’re going to use it, but they’re not sure how, so if anyone has any thoughts on what to do with it, by all means, leave a comment.

Also, before I get back to work, I’ve got a question for you: what do I name this ship?

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  1. Names I was thinking about to use were things like Cetus, Leviathan or Balaenaor Gargantua.
    I’m loving the images of it unfolding & developing too and will hopefully be able to think up a way to use it in my own campaign đŸ™‚

    1. Thanks for the suggestions! I’d probably call it the Leviathan, but I drew a ship map a while back called the Leviathan of Tyria, so I think I’ve got to call it something else.

  2. in one of my homebrew campaigns the githtyank live on ships in the ethereal plane (the asteral doesnt exist in that world) and they live on ships, this will be a capital for one of the githyank clans

    as for a name, i would name it after my favorite ark from literature:
    Golgafrinchan Ark Fleet Ship B

  3. Ships are usually named after government officials (like the uss William d. Porter) places (like the uss Idaho) or adjectives (like the uss intrepid) so something like that would be good maybe it was named after the captains father or something

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