The Stygian City – 7th, 8th and 9th Levels (Work-in-Progress)

These are the next three levels of the Stygian City and, as you can see, they’re a lot bigger than the previous floors. From left to right, they’re a temple, a spiders’ nest and a goblin village.

I’ve had a few new ideas since I wrote up the original plans. One of the bigger additions is an underground river that runs through the city. Kuo-toa have found their way there and moved into that level and the one below it. I’m not sure where this will be, but probably around the 15th-18th floor. I’ll probably put them near the myconid colony to give them a rival (and because they both like it damp).

I’m also moving the prison closer to the bottom because I want players to learn a few key things about this place. (Read the History of the Pit before this if you haven’t already). These are the main bits of information for players to learn as they descend, in order:

  1. A goddess named Ghanya told people to dig this pit. She promised that they would find a gateway to paradise below.
  2. Holy crap they built a whole city in this pit.
  3. Unlike other deities, Ghanya spoke to these people often. They heard her voice clearly in their minds and she taught them things and gave them instructions.
  4. Once they dug down to the gateway, they sent people through when they became 50 years old. The reason is unclear.
  5. Some people didn’t want to go through the gateway and Ghanya said they should be arrested and sent in anyway. (This is what the prison was for).
  6. At the bottom, the players learn that the “gateway” is just a giant monster that tricked these people into letting it eat them.
  7. Also, that circle-and-star symbol that’s carved into the floors all over the place isn’t just a symbol. It’s a visual depiction of the mouth of the creature at the bottom.

I’m trying to give the players enough information to intrigue them, but keep the discovery at the end (6 and 7) a surprise. What do you think? Should I change any of that or reorder it? If you’ve got any thoughts or ideas, let me know.

2 Replies to “The Stygian City – 7th, 8th and 9th Levels (Work-in-Progress)”

  1. This is a classic monster plot, with not-so-subtle political commentary, which I wholly approve of. You could make it more gruesome by having Ghanya start out asking only for the bodies of the dead, then for the dying as well, then for the very old, and finally moving the age of “unification” down as the years pass. _Logan’s Run_ callouts optional.

    I hope that the goblin city, living so close to the spider colony, has a bunch of super-strong goblins that shoot webs from their wrists and swing around the city fighting bad guys (PCs).

    1. The creature takes them at 50 years old because it wants to give them time to reproduce. It’s basically treating them as a farm.

      If anything, the goblins would be more like the Green Goblin, since they are literally both green and goblins.

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