The Stygian City: Goblin Village, Spiders’ Nest and Temple

The 7th level of the pit is home to a clan of goblins, who get by on a healthy diet of giant bats, giant spiders and mushrooms (which are basically a vegetable). Below that, the 8th level is overrun with spiders and in dire need of a treatment that only Dr. Flamethrower can provide.

Then there’s the 9th level. Most of this floor is a giant temple to Ghanya (the deity of the people who built the pit). But there’s a smaller group of rooms that are disconnected from the rest. This was once a tomb, but is now the residence of a vampire named Khrani, who sleeps here during the day, then flies out with the bats at night. Compared to the rest of the pit, her rooms are pretty nice. Just because you live in a literal hole in the ground doesn’t mean you can’t live in a nice hole in the ground.

For patrons, I’ve updated the DM notes quite a bit. There are new entries for these three levels as well as a new section with suggested creatures to populate each level with. When this is finished, the DM notes are going to be… not quite a campaign, but as close as I’ve come to writing one for any of my maps. Have a look and let me know what you think so far.

Next, I’ll be drawing the Black Citadel. This is going to be a ziggurat that serves as the lair of an evil organization. Imagine the party is finally heading out to confront the National Association of Sinister Wizards and, after an arduous journey, they finally arrive and they see this. No need to double-check the address, that’s definitely the place. Even the word ‘ziggurat’ sounds sinister. Ziggurat.

Anyway, I’m gonna get started on that. Once it’s done, I’ll be getting back to the pit. Speaking of which, tell me what you think so far!

6 Replies to “The Stygian City: Goblin Village, Spiders’ Nest and Temple”

  1. What keeps the giant spiders from crawling up the walls into the village above, which, to be clear, is full of delicious Giant Spooder Snax (TM)?

  2. The goblins walled off the windows and the room with the stairs leading down for that very reason. There are only a few small windows left open, which larger spiders can’t get through.

  3. I get why the goblins did that, but why don’t the giant spooders climb up to lvls where there are humans?

    1. I don’t know, spiders just don’t normally do that. You never see them chasing ants around. They just build their webs, then sit around and wait for something to come by.

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