The Black Loch

The Black Loch is a small underground sea. There are maps of every location marked on the map below. All maps are 5′ (1.5m) per tile unless marked otherwise. For gridded maps, the grid dimensions can be found in the images’ filenames.

High resolution VTT and print versions of these maps, as well as DM notes for all of them, are available to supporters on patreon.


The Black Loch Codex: History and Lore of the Black Loch

Charwall (Dragonkin Settlement)

Cinderfork Foundry (Duergar Foundry)

Clogwyn Prison (Submerged Ruin)

The Sanctum of Psor’il (Aboleth’s Lair)

The Blind Colossus

Scarhide Yard (Shipyard)

The Lost Catacombs of Auldbaern (Dwarven Catacombs)

Spyr-Anaisz (Drow Settlement)

The Roost (Secret Outpost in the Great Breach)

The Duskfall – Airship from “The Roost”

The Duskfall (Black Loch Background)
The Duskfall – Sky Background

Skatha’s Rest (Ruins)

Eel’s Maw Stronghold (Kuo-Toa Fort)

The Mother’s Eye (Kuo-Toa Temple)

The Cull’Thaine Estate (Location in Vlyn’darastyl)

Ruins of Gyan’dis (Ruined Illithid Settlement)

The Grinning Widow (Underdark Ship)

The Grinning Widow
The Grinning Widow – Naval Battle Map

The Smoldering Abyss (Undersea Chasm)

Delaro’s Manse (Wizard’s Residence)

Halls of the Awakened (Cult Sanctum)

The Torrents (Surface Entrance)

Hyphis (Myconid Settlement)

Ollin’s Borehole (Abandoned Deep Gnome Mining Settlement)

Lair of Kaliphex (Dragon’s Lair)

Glogdolp (Kuo-Toa Village)

The Chesterboro Arms (Inn)

The Deep Spire (Trading Settlement)

  • NOTE: You can find maps of the individual floors of the Deep Spire here.

The Drow City of Vlyn’darastyl & The Great Breach

Vlyn’darastyl Streets Battlemap

Naval Battlemaps and Ship Tokens

Caves and Tunnels for Encounters

Black Loch Token Collection