Tir Thelandira

Tir Thelandira is an island whose large forest is populated by wild elves. While the elves have long had the island to themselves, a small gold mining colony has recently been established by the ruler of a far-away land known as Dhasra, leading to tensions between the two groups.

I intend to expand this world by drawing maps of other islands, each with their own unique cultures, locations and lore. This is a project I intend to work on for many years to come.

All the maps here are hand-drawn on paper and digitally colored. Grids are 5′ (1.5m) per tile and the grid dimensions are in the maps’ filenames. Hi-res VTT and print versions and DM notes for all of these maps are available to supporters on patreon.


History and Lore Overview


Frog’s Haven Crannog

Cave of the Sun

The Stonestead


New Giltwater

Glaver’s Camp

Blackboots Camp

Tower of the Moon

Fiachna’s Knoll

Hall of the Bearded Men

Valley of the Five Mages

The Tir Thelandira Codex (Download Below)