Brazenthrone – The Underdark Trading Outpost

This is the bottom of Brazenthrone, as far down as the city goes. While dwarves aren’t typically a nautically-inclined people, they’re happy to trade with those who are and deep gnome, drow and orog merchants come here to do business. The thing across the harbor’s entrance is a chain boom, which can be raised or lowered to control access to the outpost.

Next up is the map chosen by last month’s Cartographic Congress, the harbor fortress of Torchguard. Like the Underdark Outpost, it’s looking like it’s going to be bigger than I’d originally planned. It might actually be approaching the size of Neuschwanstein.

I suppose it wouldn’t be the first time I made modest plans and then went way overboard. I originally planned for the Great Hall of Brazenthrone to be four floors before I added another two. And that’s the biggest map I’ve ever made. How do you look at that and think, “It could be bigger?” Well, anyway, I hope you’re cool with that because I’m probably not going to stop.

EDIT: Here’s a version without the annotations.

There are DM notes and an expanded annotated version of this map with the rooms of the numbered buildings marked available to patrons.

The Great Vote – Large-ish Category Results

The winning maps in the large-ish category are The Fallen Tower and, after two grueling runoffs to the death, Greenskin Rock. I’ve wanted to do a map involving sea stacks for a while now and I’m glad to finally get the chance.

The large category vote will be posted on the patreon shortly. The next map, Brazenthrone’s Underdark Trading Outpost, will be a few more days. I’ve got slightly bigger plans for it than I originally anticipated. It’s not going to be huge, exactly (not by Brazenthrone standards, anyway), but we’re looking at around 30 buildings and 100 rooms across 2 floors. Anyway, I think you’ll like it. Also, The Grey Huntress will be there.

Old Madeleine’s Country Inn and Fighting Pit

This is the first of the maps chosen by patrons in the Great Vote. It’s been in my idea book since just after I started the website and I’m glad to see Old Madeleine’s turn finally come around. If you’re looking to make a pit stop for a little booze and violence in your campaign, maybe consider having your players drop by. As Old Madeleine herself always says, “There’s nothing better than sitting by a warm fire, eating a nice, home-cooked meal and watching two people fight to the death.”

So, next up is Brazenthrone’s underdark trading outpost. After that is last month’s Cartographic Congress winner, the harbor fortress of Torchguard. Then it’s back to Brazenthrone with… I haven’t decided yet. Probably either the Noble, Common or Anvil Quarter.

There’s an annotated version of this map and DM notes available to patrons.

The Great Vote – Medium Category Results

The voting has ended for the medium category and, after the Great Garden was chosen in the first round, the runoff between the Aarakocra Village and the Airship of the Line ended in a tie. Which is good, because I really want to draw them both. So I’m declaring them both winners and drawing all three maps.

The polls are now open for the large-ish category, so if you’re a patron, have a look at your choices and cast your votes.

Brazenthrone – The Pits of Justice

This is where Brazenthrone sends the few criminals whose crimes are deemed too severe for a flogging, yet not quite warranting execution (they do love a good flogging).

The prisoners are housed in a series of oubliettes, sleeping in the narrow alcoves around the sides. Those deemed especially naughty are placed in the isolation pits. Gates at the entrance and the guards’ area prevent access by potential escapees. This could be an interesting place to have your players escape from or stage a rescue.

Next up is Old Madeleine’s Inn and Fighting Pit, then we’re finishing off the lower part of Brazenthrone with the Underdark Trading Outpost. If you’re a patron, there’s still time to vote in the runoff between the Airship of the Line and the Aarakocra Village in the medium category (the vote ends later tonight). When it ends, the large-ish category vote will begin.

There’s an annotated version of this map and DM notes available to patrons.

The Shattered Gates – The Last Remnant of an Ancient, Forgotten City

Normally, when I finish a map, I just open up my ideas notebook and pick another to do next. This time, as soon as I picked it up, I realized that all those ideas were up for a vote and I couldn’t draw them yet. So, I came up with this.

This is something I thought would be an interesting place to run an adventure. I didn’t have any particular sort of story in mind. Mainly I thought it’d make a unique lair for goblins, bandits or whoever else is getting their ass kicked this week. If you’re using it as an uninhabited ruin, here’s a version without the bridges.

After this is the Pits of Justice, then I think I’ll get started on Old Madeleine’s Inn and Fighting Pit. That’s an idea that’s been in the book for a long time and I’m really glad you guys picked it.

There are DM notes for this map available to patrons.

Voting Results

Voting has closed for both the Great Vote’s small category and this month’s Cartographic Congress. For the Great Vote, the first winner was Old Madeleine’s Inn and Fighting Pit, then the Floating Market, which beat the Traveling Inn in the run-off. It looked like we might be doing two inns for a minute there, but I guess the later voters decided to mix it up. Coming in dead last was the Spelljammer, which, like wallet chains and huge jeans, were a lot more popular in the 90s.

In the Cartographic Congress, Senator Parker’s Coastal Castle was the winner after a run-off vote. Senator Maurice’s proposal of Bodiam Castle was the first time I’d heard of it and… wow. Yeah, that’s getting drawn at some point for sure. Senator HAL’s City of the Dead got some ideas stirring too. But that’s going to have to wait until the Great Vote maps are done. 

So, I’m going to finish work on the map I’m doing right now, then after that is Brazenthrone’s Pits of Justice, then the maps you guys voted for enter the queue. From there, we’ll be alternating between the Great Vote maps and Brazenthrone (plus the Cartographic Congress map once a month) until all 10 maps you choose are done.

The vote for the medium category has begun. If you’re a patron, head over to the patreon and participate in democracy.