Brazenthrone – The High King’s Palace – Ground Level

This is the first of four floors of the High King’s palace. This took a while longer than usual because I laid out all four levels before finishing this one. But with that out of the way, the next three should come pretty quickly. Look for the second floor in around three or four days.

Well, like (I suspect) a lot of you, I recently got off the emotional rollercoaster that was the last episode of Game of Thrones, and… I really need to lie down. Jesus.

No labels here. There’s an annotated version blah blah blah patreon.

Whitebarrow Manor

This is the map chosen by last month’s Cartographic Congress, based on the proposal by Senator Ross. It’s designed to be a haunted house with a number of secret chambers, although I can imagine a few other uses for it. The largest of the secret rooms in the cellar were left unfurnished to make the map more flexible, allowing different DMs to imagine different dark secrets inside.

If you’d prefer not to advertise the secret rooms to your players, here’s a version with the secret doors omitted.

Next up is Brazenthrone‘s High King’s Palace, then a guarded bridge. There’s an annotated version of this map and DM notes available to patrons, if you’re interested.

Well, I’m off to go see an actual castle today: the Rock of Cashel. It may not be the largest castle, but it’s definitely a contender for Most Badass Name. It’s mostly unroofed, so let’s hope the weather doesn’t get too Irish. We’ll see.

Brazenthrone – The Hall of the Long Banner

Here’s the first of Brazenthrone‘s several residential districts. I know these residential districts aren’t really the sexiest parts of the city, but I’m going to try and keep them interesting.

Next up is last month’s Cartographic Congress winner, then back to Brazenthrone for the High King’s Palace, which I intend to run absolutely buckwild with.

Here’s an alternate version of this map with the market stalls removed. I made it for people who intend to use Brazenthrone as an abandoned ruin. DM notes for this map are available to supporters.

Many Thanks! And also, Mont-Saint-Michel

Yesterday was a big day. The good people of reddit took quite a liking to Neuschwanstein and I just wanted to thank all my patrons, new and old, and anyone else who can’t afford to support me, but has given me an upvote or shared my maps with a friend.

When I started this, I decided to try and make the kinds of maps I’d never seen before and that nobody else makes. I wanted to do big, ambitious stuff and I hoped that there were people out there who liked it and were willing to help me keep making it. As it turns out, there are. So, thank you to all of you. It really is a big deal to me.

Also, before I go, I should let you know that some people on reddit talked me into doing a map of Mont-Saint-Michel. It won’t be in the next month or two, but it’ll happen at some point. Just thought you should know.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Here’s an alternate version with the tiles angled to follow the walls in the keep.

I was going to explain all the things that aren’t accurate about this map, but it’d take forever and it doesn’t matter anyway, so let me just give you the short version:

  • Only the bottom and upper two floors of the keep were finished and the unfinished floors currently contain a gift shop and a cafeteria. Since I thought that might spoil the mood a bit, I took some liberties and drew in what was intended to be there: servants’ quarters, guest rooms and a “Moorish hall.”
  • The cellar is in the right place, but I couldn’t find a floor plan, so I made some stuff up. I was tempted to draw a dungeon, but there is no way there’s a dungeon in there.
  • Nothing about this map conveys the ludicrous degree of splendor in the finished parts of this castle. It really is jaw-dropping. Have a look.

Anyway, I hope you like it. There’s an annotated version of this map with 83 rooms numbered and labeled, as well as all the usual stuff, available to patrons.

Work In Progress: I bit off more than I thought and I’m chewing as fast as I can.

I seriously thought this whole thing would take a week. All of it. I was very, very wrong about that and I’ve come to realize the scale of this project more and more as I’ve been working on it. I do like the Neuschwanstein maps so far, but I’m not sure I’d have signed up for them if I’d known they’d take this long.

The picture above is what’s left to do. Most of the pencils are done and I’ve got a lot of it inked. I expect it to take another four, maybe five days. For those of you looking forward to Brazenthrone, I’ll balance this out by drawing all of the High King’s palace at once.

Here’s what the next few maps will be: the Hall of the Long Banner (Brazenthrone), the Cartographic Congress map (a haunted mansion with secret passages), then the High King’s Palace. Sound good? Alright, I’m gonna get back to work. Despite my repeated requests, this thing steadfastly refuses to draw itself.