The Shattered Gates – The Last Remnant of an Ancient, Forgotten City

Normally, when I finish a map, I just open up my ideas notebook and pick another to do next. This time, as soon as I picked it up, I realized that all those ideas were up for a vote and I couldn’t draw them yet. So, I came up with this.

This is something I thought would be an interesting place to run an adventure. I didn’t have any particular sort of story in mind. Mainly I thought it’d make a unique lair for goblins, bandits or whoever else is getting their ass kicked this week. If you’re using it as an uninhabited ruin, here’s a version without the bridges.

After this is the Pits of Justice, then I think I’ll get started on Old Madeleine’s Inn and Fighting Pit. That’s an idea that’s been in the book for a long time and I’m really glad you guys picked it.

There are DM notes for this map available to patrons.

The Source of the Lifespring


I have two versions of this and I’m not sure which I like more, so I’m uploading them both.  This is the other version, with brighter colors.  There’s also the version with no colors, as usual.  Hopefully you like one of those.

Thanks again to everyone who joined my patreon.  That was definitely a much bigger response to Finbarr’s Marsh than I was expecting.  And if you liked Finbarr’s Marsh, I have good news: you ain’t seen nothing yet.  The next megaproject is going to be 6-8 times that size.  And it may be kicking off a lot sooner than I expected.

This map has DM notes available for patrons.