The Casino de Mont Acceaux

So, this is the first casino I’ve drawn and I’ve got a question for the gamblers out there: is the carpet ugly enough? I don’t know why, but “All Casinos Have Carpet That Hurts Your Eyes” is so consistently true, it could almost be a law of thermodynamics. Anyway, I gave it my best shot.

The Mont Acceaux isn’t meant to be Vegas, I drew it with the Monte Carlo in mind. Actually, the ground level is very similar, the main difference being that I removed the opera house.

For those of you unfamiliar with it, the Monte Carlo is a 150-year-old casino in Monaco. It’s ridiculously classy, everyone speaks French and no one has a gambling problem, they’re just there for the atmosphere. If James Bond was a place, this is the place that he would be.

You might send your players here to rob the joint, but you could also just let them hear about it and stop by to gamble. Hopefully they don’t lose all the money they’ve accumulated from the hundreds and hundreds of people they’ve killed over the years on two hours of blackjack. That would just be… hilarious. Of course, if that happens, you probably need to prepare for them to rob it, because that’s probably what they do next.

Next up, I’ll be drawing something from the Black Loch. I think I’m going to do the dragon’s lair. Oddly enough, I don’t think I’ve drawn one of those yet, so I guess it’s about time I did.

By the way, sorry this took so long. I ended up deciding to recolor the whole thing because it just looked really bad. It took another couple days on account of that, but I’d rather take the extra time and make it look good than give you something terrible. Anyway, I hope it was worth it!

Black Loch Tokens

You can download these tokens here.

These are tokens for everybody in the Black Loch with a name, plus some Tideborne orogs, Darksong Knights and an assortment of kuo-toa. And a chicken. There are also some alternate versions, most of which are just different skin colors.

Here’s a link to the DM notes for the Deep Spire in case you need a reminder of who these people are. That’s where everyone with a name is from, with the exception of the three ogres, who are from the Chesterboro Arms.

Anyway, I hope they’re useful to you! By the way, are the kuo-toa a little too murloc? I’m still not sure. Whatever, here’s a picture of everyone hanging out in the Chesterboro: