Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle

Here’s an alternate version with the tiles angled to follow the walls in the keep.

I was going to explain all the things that aren’t accurate about this map, but it’d take forever and it doesn’t matter anyway, so let me just give you the short version:

  • Only the bottom and upper two floors of the keep were finished and the unfinished floors currently contain a gift shop and a cafeteria. Since I thought that might spoil the mood a bit, I took some liberties and drew in what was intended to be there: servants’ quarters, guest rooms and a “Moorish hall.”
  • The cellar is in the right place, but I couldn’t find a floor plan, so I made some stuff up. I was tempted to draw a dungeon, but there is no way there’s a dungeon in there.
  • Nothing about this map conveys the ludicrous degree of splendor in the finished parts of this castle. It really is jaw-dropping. Have a look.

Anyway, I hope you like it. There’s an annotated version of this map with 83 rooms numbered and labeled, as well as all the usual stuff, available to patrons.

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  1. Love this! I had the chance to visit the real one in Germany and I’ve wanted to incorporate this castle in my world for a while now. Nice job!

  2. Yeah, I just noticed this about the alternate version.
    The bottom level of the keep, the diagonal part that you changed the tile orientation for. It uh, it’s not consistent with itself. Bottom level is 11 squares wide with interior floor space alone, 12 if you count the wall thickness. Then for some reason all of the keep floors above that are 10 squares of floor width, what gives? And I know the upper floors aren’t supposed to be smaller, I can tell that by looking at the regular version.

      1. Would it be too much to make a quick fix? I don’t want to burden you, it would just help to do that so I can build it in minecraft

          1. Okay, it took some photo grid manipulation but I am indeed going to attempt to make the Neuschwanstein map.

            Maybe I’ll have it done by Christmas

    1. I haven’t heard about that, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were. There are probably sewage tunnels, if nothing else.

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