The Chronomancer’s Tower (Work-in-Progress)

Here are the drawings for the next map. While I was looking at various clock towers for inspiration, I discovered the Prague Orloj, which is an astronomical clock. It was too cool to not include it in the map, so I drew it in. It’s based on a geocentric model, but I think we can let that go, since it was made in the early 1400s and telescopes were still two centuries away.

Anyway, I’m gonna go color this thing. Hope you like it so far!

4 Replies to “The Chronomancer’s Tower (Work-in-Progress)”

    1. Yeah, in pre-modern times, people had a very “safety third” sort of philosophy when it came to building stuff like this, haha. You have to imagine that some of the older clock towers have eaten a few fingers over the years.

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