The Seer’s Home


I recently started a Patreon and I decided that I’d offer to make a map of my first patron’s choice.  She requested a swamp map with the home of a wise woman, the entrance to which is hidden in a tree.

To make it interesting, I threw in some huts that could be used for some sort of encounter.  They could be a community of lizardmen, bullywugs or just good old fashioned hillbillies.  After that, we’ve got some ruins, which could contain another encounter or just be used as cover in a fight.

The wise woman’s home in the bottom right leads from the staircase in the giant tree stump.  I didn’t think that needed an explanation on the map, but if anyone found it unclear, please let me know.

Anyway, I hope you like it, LadyAhiru!

Here’s a couple alternate versions of the map:

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