The Gates of Brazenthrone Remastered

I remade the Gates of Brazenthrone for two reasons. One, there was a mistake in the annotated version. And two, the more I looked at it, the more I started to dislike it. So I decided to simplify the background and make the whole thing vertical (which I don’t normally like to do, since this is a website and your monitor is horizontal).

Anyway, I hope you like it. Also, here’s the non-annotated version. Alright, back to it.

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  1. Hello Mister Milby, after three years of the campaign (interrupted several times by Corona) my characters will finally arrive at their destination soon: Brazenthrone. Now I’m wondering if you’ve thought about entrance controls or anything like that for the gates of your city (writing names in registers, “screening” the people & of what they bring in). And do you have to pay customs on goods or even on entering the city?
    Best regards 🙂

    1. They don’t charge to enter the city, but they might ask someone’s reason for coming. I think they’d let pretty much anyone in unless they had a particular reason not to.

      They do charge customs. There’s a customs house on the ground level of the gates, which is run by the Chief Assessor, whose office is adjacent. There’s another customs house at the lower entrance in the underdark trading outpost.

      I don’t think they’d charge customs for personal belongings, just goods for trade. So they wouldn’t charge someone for bringing in their sword, but they’d probably charge someone bringing in a crate of 50 swords. They’d mainly be concerned about people with wagons, since you can’t smuggle much in a backpack.

      And they’d probably only be charging for things Brazenthrone produces, like steel ingots, steel tools or weapons (in bulk) and manufactured goods. They wouldn’t charge for food, lumber or other things that they mostly import rather than export.

      Anyway, I hope that helps! Good luck with the campaign!

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