Brazenthrone – The Hall of Iron – Everyone’s Edition


The Hall of Iron is a residential district of Brazenthrone. Admittedly, having nothing but residences, it’s not the most exciting part of the city. But a city needs homes and not everyone can live in some kind of dwarven Winchester Mystery House (here, let me save some of you the time).

This is one of a cluster of residential chambers surrounding a fountain plaza, which you can see here (17 and the nearby unlabeled chambers). I’ve decided to do the plaza and the rest of these chambers as one map, which I’ll add this to. That’ll let me consolidate everything into a single annotated version and a single page of DM notes, which is handy because, frankly, there isn’t much notable stuff here. This is Brazenthrone’s version of suburbia.

Next up is last month’s Cartographic Congress winner, The High Temple of Mystra, a massive library and storehouse of arcane objects dedicated to the goddess of magic. After that, more Brazenthrone, of course.

You can download all print and VTT versions of this map from this post on my patreon or from Google Drive.

9 Replies to “Brazenthrone – The Hall of Iron – Everyone’s Edition”

  1. i’m back the city in minecraft (don’t know if you remember me) and i was wondering, why the residential districts are like that ?
    i mean everything is contained inside the rectangle but it’s a bit weird, why would they dug out rectangle and then fill them with house ? I understand for the main hall because well it’s a very big one and it’s looks impressive but for the smaller, it’s a bit weird.
    Wouldn’t be more logical to dug out something like a street with all of the house on the side of it ?
    Or also a square who could be like a big plaza and every house on the side (something like the upper house in the main area) ?
    If you can explain me that or maybe what i said could help you in a way for the future ones ^^
    I’m saying all of this because i’m actually working on the hall of the long banner and well i was just wondering.

        1. no problem, i think i will also create a post for this project with a link to your site.
          Btw as you could see in the screen, i put some cranes on the various level in order to transport stuff easily, don’t know if this idea can help you in your next maps

    1. The chambers are dug out first because excavating rock is much easier in a place with no people or houses. Once people are living there, digging through rock and removing the rubble would be much more of a problem. It also creates more open space. That’s my thinking, anyway.

    1. I don’t draw the houses furnished for a number of reasons, but there is one fully furnished residence in the city: the Royal Apartments on the 3rd floor of the High King’s Palace.

      Most of the smaller houses around the city would only have a bed, a table and chairs, a fireplace and some shelves, but the Royal Apartments should give you an idea of what the furniture would look like. Or just check out the map of Mont St. Michel. If I drew the houses furnished in Brazenthrone, I don’t think they would look any different from those.

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