Whaleship Spelljammer (Work-in-Progress)

You voted for the biggest spelljammer and this is all the art for it. This thing has five decks with 17 private cabins, 12 bathrooms, a 2-floor lounge, a billiards room, a poker room, a pool and a harpsichord.

The whaleship is a passenger liner, but I suspect some DMs will have other things in mind for it, so I’ll be making three versions of the map: unarmed, lightly armed, and Whalehammer 40K.

I’m about to start coloring all this now, so I’ll be back with the map in a few more days. Hope you like it so far!

2 Replies to “Whaleship Spelljammer (Work-in-Progress)”

  1. Yeah, this is super helpful! I’m looking forward to this- I’ll lend it to my players for an Alien-themed adventure- as in the xenomorph

  2. Oh, Lord.
    There will be poo flying everywhere? I Love it!

    Have to say that all your flying stuff is an inspiration to me since I took my players to the elemental plane of air after they escape from mindflayers. 😂😂

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