The Ruined Tower (Work-in-Progress)

This map was originally meant to be a ruined mage’s tower, but I decided to make an intact version as well. Having two versions of the same map lets you do some interesting things, like have the party fix it up and move in. Or you can have the party enter the ruins, then find a magic orb that sends them back in time to when the tower was occupied. If you’ve got any other ideas for it, let me know.

Anyway, I’m coloring these now and they shouldn’t take too long.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what that thing by the big telescope is, it’s an armillary sphere.

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  1. How about the tower overlooks an area that the PCs would really like a good look at, without getting any closer than the tower. Unfortunately, the telescope is as ruined as the tower is, with many important and expensive parts looted ages ago, and it is basically unfixable without massive time, money, and magical investment.

    However, in the past the telescope is intact AND it still looks into the present, which they will discover if they peer through it. This addresses the PC’s immediate needs and is a weird/cool magical effect.

    Problem is, if they tell the story folks with an interest in spying realize the potentially immense power of being able to spy on folks in the future or spying on the present invisibly from the past. Then shenanigans.

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