Another odd selection of tokens, including: normal people, world map markers and the thing that used to be called a merrow.



Ahem. So, here’s the latest bunch of tokens I made for my game. The arrows and X’s are for the world map to indicate where the party is or where they’re going. I included a few variants for those of you who might have a message you’d like to convey to your players about their behavior.

There’s also a bunch of tokens of regular civilians. I started off thinking I’d mostly need monster tokens. You know what I need a token of? Some guy. Just a regular person. Bartenders, shopkeepers, ship crew… all the normal people with normal jobs that don’t cast spells or fight monsters. The majority of the world.

For those of you running Out of the Abyss with the Gravenhollow map, I made a galeb duhr and a stone giant librarian. I’m sure stone giant tokens are easy enough to come by, but these are the Keepers of All Knowledge and using a caveman-with-a-tree-branch stone giant might not give the right impression.

There’s also some mages, a werewolf, a giant badger and a merrow. This is the old merrow, which was a sea ogre. Apparently it’s been changed and now a merrow is an ugly mermaid. I need the old one because I’m running a module called “The Voyage of the Crimpshrine” from an old Dungeon magazine (#59). My players are about to finish Lost Mine of Phandelver and I’m planning to send them to the Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan (from Tales from the Yawning Portal) next. But it’s way to the south in Chult, so that’ll be the adventure that happens on the ship along the way. They’re going to have to eat that giant badger. And if they’re not careful, the werewolf is going to eat one of those kids.

You can download the tokens from my patreon here or from Google Drive.

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