Brazenthrone – Updated Overview Map

Sorry this is a little late, I had something come up last night before I could get it done. Anyway, here it is! I reserve the right to change 19 and 27 if I come up with a better idea for them, but I’ll update the map again if I do.

Here’s the non-annotated version. You can download the print and VTT versions for free from my patreon here. The VTT versions aren’t marked with dimensions, they’re just a smaller file size you can use as handouts.

All right, time to get started on the Old Quarter!

3 Replies to “Brazenthrone – Updated Overview Map”

    1. They do viking funerals. The bodies are placed on a raft on the river and set on fire. There are royal crypts in the Grand Temple, but those might just have ashes in them.

  1. Personnally i think the old mines would be great as catacombs especially near the noble quarter, but well it’s already done (and i also like the idea of closed mines) but where would you put something like catacombs for the dwarves ? because well the crypt in the temple is only enough for the royal family not even the others noble and even less for common folk (and would be cool a small tomb area for the gnomes or something like this).
    What do you think ?

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