Spells and the Jamming Thereof

I was asked to make a couple of minor changes to the Leviathan of Tyria to make it work better as a sci-fi vessel, but I ended up getting carried away and removing the boats, anchor and bilges, changing the background and recoloring a few things. It’s still not wildly futuristic, but it looks a lot more ready to cruise the void than it did before.

This could also work as an airship, but, more than anything, I think it’d make an excellent spelljammer, if anyone’s still out there jamming spells in the 21st century.

I also made another, somewhat less mainstream version for someone who’s been asking for something like it for a long time. Of course, if anyone else has a use for it, work away.

As with the regular version of this map, all the patron content for this is free and you can download it from Google Drive or from this post on my patreon.

Alright, back to work on Brazenthrone!

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    1. Thanks!

      Not really, I’d say that’s the DM’s call. I guess the crew would depend a lot on what the ship’s being used for as well as the lore of your setting. If it’s a spelljammer, the crew might be small. A pilot and a few people to keep it clean and operating might be enough. But if it’s being used as a warship, you’d need more crew to man the weapons and fight boarders as well as a few officers to keep everyone in line. And more crew means more specialized positions, like cooks and doctors.

      In the original seafaring version of this map, I’d tell you there would probably be around 150-200 crew, but when you put a magical engine in it and send it to space, the answer starts getting a little more complicated, haha.

      Anyway, I hope that answer helps you a little at least.

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