VTT stuff is much better now.

I’ve got news for Roll20, Foundry and EncounterPlus DMs, as well as some news about Brazenthrone. Let’s take it one at a time.


I started using a new script to allow you to automatically make walls for your maps. It’s called Universal VTT Importer and it’s better for a few reasons: first, it makes both walls and doors. Second, it works with Dungeondraft, so I can make proper walls for you instead of the janky ones with all the dots.

As a guy who draws his own maps by hand on paper, I didn’t expect that I’d ever have a need for Dungeondraft, but I guess I was wrong. Anyway, the wall commands you need are with the VTT files for the oasis map (in the “Newest Patron Content” folder). There are also instructions on how to use them. Follow my instructions, not the ones in the link above. I did some of that stuff for you.


I finally got around to cleaning up the public Foundry module and, uh… that thing really had some problems, huh? Sorry about that, but they’re all taken care of. The grids all line up, the walls are all aligned properly and I took care of a bunch of other little things that I noticed.

Mostly, the problem was that I didn’t make some of my older maps with VTTs in mind and it caused issues. I won’t bore you with the details. I did take a few maps out because they would be an enormous pain to get their grids aligned, but these were almost all from my early black and white days. In other words, they were crap. I made the effort for anything good, like Finbarr’s Marsh and Neuschwanstein. Still, if anyone was planning a massive, five-year campaign around Burdock’s Trading Post, I do apologize.

Here’s the manifest URL for the public module. You’ll have to uninstall the old one and install this, but in the future, I’ll make them updateable. For patrons, the Wahat Al-Hasan Oasis is now in the patrons’ module. The manifest URL is in the Table of Contents.


The best news is for you. I’ve converted both of the Foundry modules into EncounterPlus modules. This took some work, since the converter is very particular about everything being a certain way. Missing image file? Something out of place? Oh hell no! Call the whole thing off, ABORT, ABORT! I ran the converter, got an error message, fixed the problem, ran it again, got another error, fixed that problem and, after doing this about seven million times, I finally present to you: the public EncounterPlus module.

Everything in the public Foundry module is in here. 66 maps, ~275 tokens and a few dozen journal files. There’s also a patrons’ module, which is in the patron content drive, in a folder in the VTT section.

One word of warning: I haven’t tested that the public module works yet. I don’t have a Mac and I can’t run E+, but the patrons’ module has been tested and it should be fine. Also, I need to thank Matt C. for helping me with this. It would not exist without him. If the public module is confirmed as working, I’m going to send it to the E+ devs to give out to anyone who wants it.


The following is something I’m really going to regret saying later. Still, here goes:

I’ve been thinking about doing the walls and doors for Brazenthrone lately and I’m feeling like it’s hard to justify not doing it. It’s an insane task, but, I mean, it’s tens of hours of work for me that saves other people a combined total of hundreds, maybe thousands of hours. That’s the thing I keep coming back to. So… I’m going to do it. God, that was really hard to type.

The thing is, I need to do this in a way that enables me to not go completely nuts. So, the plan is to do it a bit at a time. I’m thinking I’ll spend one day on it between maps. I don’t know how long it’ll take, but– like Brazenthrone itself– it’ll get done eventually.

I’ll release it in the form of Universal VTT Importer commands for Roll20 and modules for Foundry and EncounterPlus. I’ll do FantasyGrounds if I can find a converter, but I haven’t seen one yet. Most of it will probably be for patrons, but I’ll make some of the really crazy stuff– like the Great Hall– public. No one should have to draw the walls for that monstrosity. Well, except me.

Anyway, I’ll spend a day on this after I get done with the next map. We’ll see how it goes.

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