The result of a hard day’s work in the token mines.

You can download these tokens here.

With the exception of one random elf, all 17 of these tokens fall into one of two categories:

  1. The forces of evil
  2. Camels

Let’s talk about one of the camels. A year or so ago, I mentioned something I’d discovered called a “zamburak.” This is a camel with a swivel-mounted cannon on its back and it is an actual, 100% real thing. And now you have a token for it in case you’d like to light your players up with some camel-based artillery! However it goes down, I’d say it’ll be their first time having that particular experience.

But the best part won’t be the battle. It’ll be when Dave Smartguy tells you how completely unrealistic a cannon mounted on a camel is. Google it, Dave. Go on, do it. We’ll wait.

As I said, I’ll be drawing another Black Loch map next. This one isn’t marked on the map, but it’s just as important: a ship. Chances are, if you decide to run a game in the loch, your players will need one and all the maps of galleons, cogs, caravels and other sailing ships are going to look a little out of place in a sea without wind. So I’ll be drawing a modest-sized galley with no masts that’s better suited to the environment. I expect it won’t take long.

Anyway, I hope you like the tokens! If you’re new here, I’ve got about 300 more tokens for you here. And 11 more here. Oh, and here’s another 43. Feel free to share these with anyone who might need them.

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