The Black Loch Codex

You can download the free version of the Black Loch Codex here.

The Black Loch Codex compiles the Black Loch History and Lore Overview, as well as all the DM notes, in one PDF.

I made a version for non-patrons as well, which has all the DM notes I’ve given away for free so far. I also threw in the DM notes for the Grinning Widow, since I think some of the suggestions about how to handle the crew might be useful, particularly for newer DMs. It’s basically about how to deal with your party traveling in a ship with 20-30 crew without letting the players treat them as their own private army. And make no mistake: they will try.

Anyway, I hope everyone’s happy with it. I’ll update the codex with the last map once it’s done.

Next, I’ll be drawing some simple cave and tunnel maps. Nothing fancy, just something to use as backdrops for encounters that happen outside the marked locations. I’ll be back with those in a day or two, then I’ll get started on drawing the rest of the tokens. And after that, I’ll draw Charwall, which is the last map left.

Okay, I’m gonna get to work!

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  1. That’s a really nice job!
    Now we can put the protectors of Brazenthrone with a proper menace to its underground area!
    Some drows, duegar or kuo-toa would be a pretty hecky people to make some of the best (or more greedy) adventurers deep down the loch to know what’s going on.


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