The Great Vote – Huge Category Results

The last of the Great Votes has finally ended and the winners are Mont-Saint-Michel and the Deepspire. Those are both excellent choices and I congratulate all my patrons on your collective good taste.

I’d also like to say thanks for getting me this far. The Great Vote began when my patreon reached the point that I was able to live off your pledges exclusively and that is a really, really big deal to me. I used to say that being a freelance illustrator was my dream job. It was, for a long time. Right now, the only thing that would make me quit this to do freelance illustration is a gun to my head. This is literally the best thing I can imagine doing for a living. Thank you all very, very much. You are amazing.

To recap all the Great Vote winners:

  • Small Category: Old Madeleine’s Country Inn and Fighting Pit, Floating Market
  • Medium Category: The Great Garden, Aarakocra Village, Airship of the Line
  • Large-ish Category: The Fallen Tower, Greenskin Rock
  • Large Category: Merchants’ Trade Port Island, Fortified Oasis
  • Huge Category: Mont-Saint-Michel, The Deepspire

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