The Black Loch: The Collected Free Versions – Also, news about the next big project.

I compiled all the free versions of the Black Loch maps and tokens, which you can download here. The image above is something I made to post on reddit. I think it explains what the Black Loch is pretty well.

I also wanted to talk about what I’m working on now. A while back, I discussed the next big project I had planned: a series of islands. I finally have a plan for the first island and I want to see what you all think.

There will be two civilizations on the island. The first will be wild elves, or “wood elves,” if you prefer. I haven’t decided on the second, but I’d love to hear your suggestions if you have any. In the lore, the two civilizations will be in conflict.

The wild elves will be transitioning from a nomadic, tribal society into a more unified, settled one and will have a more primitive architectural style, inspired by Iron Age Celtic structures. The map I’m working on now is based on a crannog, which is a dwelling built on an artificial island in a lake, usually surrounded by a wooden palisade. Here’s a good example of a crannog.

The crannog I’m drawing is a little more elaborate than that, with a whole village spread across two islands connected by a bridge. Other locations for the elves might include a brocha Scottish style of Iron Age towerhouse— and a tree fortress based on Oakenhold, which would serve as their capital. I drew Oakenhold years ago and it’s the only map I’ve ever considered redrawing. I think it would fit in very well here.

I’ll go into more details when I post the crannog, but nothing is set in stone yet. Before it is, I want to show you the first map and give everyone a chance to let me know if you like it and want me to run with it or if you aren’t that into the concept. If you like it, we’ll do the Celtic wild elves. If you don’t, I’ll figure out something else.

If you’ve got any ideas for what the other civilization might be, let me know in a comment or a message. I said before that I wanted to give you more input on this project and I thought I’d do that by letting you take the wheel on one civilization while I do the other. Call it an experiment in collaborative worldbuilding.

Okay, I’m gonna get back to work on the crannog. If you’ve got any thoughts on any of this so far, positive or negative, I’d love to hear them!

4 Replies to “The Black Loch: The Collected Free Versions – Also, news about the next big project.”

  1. i would say mayby using the older edition dracon might be an interesting race to use for the other faction and having them be like mongolian nomads

    1. Wow, I can’t believe I’ve never heard of the Dracon before! I like the Mongolian idea as well, it sets up a pretty clear conflict between the two.

  2. Fun sea-creature antagonists could be: deep ones (or kuo toa or sahuagin), merrows (aquatic ogres), scrags (aquatic trolls), weresharks, mermen, tritons, aquatic elves (perhaps one of the two elf groups are descended from drow?), kaoalinth (aquatic hobgoblins), kopoacinth (aquatic gargoyles).


    1. I like the idea of adding aquatic kingdoms to the map, but I’m not sure about incorporating them into the first island. I think they need their own space. But I’ll definitely keep those in mind for when their time rolls around!

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